Vail Daily’s view: Park workers on the frontage road in Vail |

Vail Daily’s view: Park workers on the frontage road in Vail

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO, Colorado

Parallel parking on Main Street, USA, is perfectly commonplace.

In Vail, the frontage road is Main Street. So, in light of the parking “crisis,” go ahead and let people park there. Specifically, let workers park there.

A couple of council members have floated the idea of issuing permits for workers to park on the frontage road for a nominal fee.

The measure would free up more space in the parking garages for skiers, limiting the number of times we would see what repeatedly happened last winter ” skiers parking for miles up and down the frontage road.

Parking has become the worst part of the Vail guest experience, Vail Resorts officials have said over and over again.

It seems preferable to let workers park on the road rather than visitors who have to haul skis, poles and boots to the mountain ” and hopefully shopping bags, too, on the return trip.

In addition, the measure could save workers hundreds of dollars in parking fees. It’s tough enough, especially considering the cost of housing, to be a worker in the valley. Why make it any harder?

It gets complicated, though, when you consider that the roads are, oddly, overseen by the Federal Highway Administration and the Colorado Department of Transportation rather than the town of Vail. It could be months, if not years, just working through bureaucratic approvals.

Perhaps it’s time for the town to take back the roads. There’s a sizable cost associated with maintaining those roads, but not owning them hamstrings the town in other ways.

Either way, the town should push ahead with a pilot program to allow workers to park on the road. Issue a limited number of permits ” maybe one per business ” set off a designated stretch for parking, and make sure it’s safe.

Both the workers and the guests would be happier.

Vail Daily Editorial Board

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