Vail Daily’s View: Perfect timing for Teva Games |

Vail Daily’s View: Perfect timing for Teva Games

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

Is that really summer peeking around the clouds?

The Memorial Day Weekend – pretty warm, actually – served notice of a solid string of 70s and 80s temperatures finally arriving, sunshine making the green pop and all.

Damn winter came late and hung on later. Where was the snow in January when we needed it? And what mixed up Mother Nature’s schedule after the ski mountains closed and we didn’t? All those post-winter snowstorms did was hurt the springtime business at that point.

But at least fire season is pushed back a bit, maybe until afternoon showers are a regular part of the season.

And the runoff is just right for this week’s Teva Mountain Games, which, arguably more than anything, feature kayaking and rafting competitions.

Sure, the other mountain sports are well-represented: climbers and runners and lots of cyclers. Along with them, fly fishing and dogs retrieving and jumping and such.

Big-time athletes in each sport will compete, but the real beauty is the opportunity for locals to get right in there, too. Often enough, top athletes and locals are one and the same.

If spectating is action enough for you, there will be no lack of competitions to watch Thursday through Saturday.

Vail will be a lively place, indeed.

Welcome to summer, favorite season for all those who came so long ago for the skiing and stayed for the …

Other than perhaps golf and softball, the Mountain Games include everything athletically to get excited about this time of the year. What a kickoff to all those running, cycling, climbing, kayaking sports, not to mention getting Fido some exercise.

Looks like Mother Nature will be fully cooperative this year, too, for a nice change from January dry spells and tons of snow after April 18. The forecast for this weekend looks like more bright, sunny days, with temperatures just perfectly peaking in the high 70s.

Perfect. See you in Vail, then.

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