Vail Daily’s view: Sadly, timing’s right for suicide coalition |

Vail Daily’s view: Sadly, timing’s right for suicide coalition

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Coorado

The Vail Valley and Eagle County has had more suicides in the past six months than most full years.

Fragile souls, mixed with hard economic times drug abuse, a predilection for alcohol, and counterintuitively enough, living in paradise lead all too often to people taking their own lives.

Too many of us who have lived here for any length of time have lost friends to this most pernicious killer.

Can you imagine losing more people to to suicide than car crashes? In a county with a freeway running through it?

The Happy Valley certainly has its darker side.

The Avon Police Department is trying to do something about this, as is the Bright Future Foundation, Eagle River Youth Coalition, Colorado West Mental Health, and the Samaritan Center, among others.

These groups are at the forefront of attacking Eagle County’s suicide issues straight up.

The Avon Police plan a public forum about suicide prevention in August, and have undergone specific training in June. Emergency services workers unfortunately have a ringside seat to this all-too-common tragedy. And so lots of motivation to try to help people at risk avoid this tragic fate.

Of course, it’s hard enough that friends and neighbors succumb to an awful moment for their own sake. It’s the friends, family and loved ones who suffer from the loss of the person who saw so little worth in staying alive that is truly heart-breaking.

The things we do to ourselves have such huge repercussions on others. It’s so hard to understand in a world where others fight so hard to stay alive that some of us are so tortured that we end it willingly.

The timing seems right to get a more formal coalition actively working together to stem this awful tide. The spike in suicide attempts and, sadly, completed acts only adds to the urgency to make paradise less dangerous to ourselves.

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