Vail Daily’s View: Vail businesses staying open matters for future |

Vail Daily’s View: Vail businesses staying open matters for future

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO, Colorado

The offseason dilemma of yore has returned for Vail: Stay open, or close?

Nearly a decade ago, the community had grown just enough, and the visitor trickle became just steady enough to make the sound decision to stay open a much easier call.

Close, and there’s little reason to visit Vail in the offseason. If enough businesses remain open, that makes the villages more welcoming in a beautiful time of year even if the lifts aren’t running. But will there be enough traffic to make the cost and effort worth it?

This question has implications beyond just this difficult year, however. What the business community does this spring will have implications for later.

A town perceived to be open will gain from this in future years. Close, and it’s harder to convince would-be visitors later. Groups booked while everything but their hotel is closed are much less likely to return, and that’s not good for anyone.

At the same, though, it’s a lot to ask struggling shops and restaurants to operate at a loss on the heels of a ski season that felt like the offseasons of the recent boom years.

The best course for the future is clear, though. Stay open if you can. And realize you are not playing for the here and now so much as the future.

Keeping the lights on will help your neighbors ” and you, too ” in the long run.

So we applaud the businesses strong enough and wise enough to hang in there in the quiet season. You are setting a fantastic example.

Vail Daily Editorial Board

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