Vail Daily’s View: Vail makes it easy for citizens to get involved with annual meeting |

Vail Daily’s View: Vail makes it easy for citizens to get involved with annual meeting

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO, Colorado

The best local governments are the ones that stay close to their citizens.

Of course, the citizens have a little responsibility here, too.

You can invite the constituency to contribute all day long, but they still have to show up.

Fortunately, this isn’t among the town of Vail’s biggest problems. As town governments go, Vail is rich in inclusion and feedback.

And it never hurts that the town leaders are always just wise enough to include food at their annual meetings with constituents, as well as the promise of running into a lot of friends.

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The next one, as you may have noticed in the advertisement to the right, is tomorrow evening at Donovan Pavilion, one of Vail’s smartest decisions to build, incidentally.

The economy — top of mind for everyone these days — will have a starring role in this meeting. But town officials promise plenty of displays on topics ranging from housing, to forest health, and of course, parking.

Reusable cotton bags will be given away while supplies last, and the town asks attendees to donate canned food or cash to help community food pantries.

Mayor Dick Cleveland will speak about the state of the town, and a question and answer period will follow.

Vail, thanks to the recent boom and some prudence with funds, is possibly in the best shape of all governments small and large with large reserves to help weather the current downturn.

Also, the community and ski company have made some smart moves so far to get through in better shape than other resort communities.

The relative success has a lot to do with the interest the community takes in the affairs of the town government.

Come down, ask questions, see some friends. Joining the annual meeting has to be one of the more enjoyable chores of responsible citizenship.

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