Vail Daily’s view: Voters prove they are not sheep |

Vail Daily’s view: Voters prove they are not sheep

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO, Colorado

Elections cannot really be bought. Ask Ali Hasan, who spent $350,000 chasing a seat in the state House in the last election. His personal energy expenditure was likewise off the charts.

But we voters have the power of the polls, all other rhetoric aside. There’s not even a blip on exit polls of voters declaring that they chose their favored candidate based on how much the candidate spends.

It’s quite the opposite, actually.

Ask a voter and it’s not he or she who votes by the candidate’s spending level. They just worry about those other sheep out there, putty in the hands of slick campaign marketing and the dollars a candidate, particularly a wealthy candidate, will spend.

Certainly, a candidate who spends heavily has an edge in name recognition and getting their message out. That the message too frequently is what’s allegedly wrong with the other candidate is fodder for a more depressing editorial.

The other gazillionaire candidate in Eagle County elections is our new U.S.

representative, Jared Polis.

He, too, spent lavishly in the Democratic primary to knock off his more establishment rival, Joan Fitz-Gerald.

Some politicos pin that victory all on money, but this was the year of “change,” and Polis represented new energy and ideas among the Democrats.

The general election for the 2nd Congressional District is a given for the Democrats, given that Eagle County somehow is lumped in with Boulder. Speaking of sheep, the token Republican in these elections can pretty much count on being slaughtered, regardless of bank account.

Hasan won the Eagle County vote and got killed in Summit County, home turf of his rival, Christine Scanlan. It didn’t really matter how much he spent in Summit County or how little in Eagle County. This is how the vote goes for this seat: An Eagle County candidate may win a slight edge at home, and Summit County pretty much goes overwhelmingly for their candidate, or the Democrat.

Money won’t change that. Money ” even an “outrageous” amount ” didn’t change that this time.

For the voters, it’s really not about showing them the money.

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