Vail Daily’s view: We each can help ourselves pull through tough times |

Vail Daily’s view: We each can help ourselves pull through tough times

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO, Colorado

Economic Katrina has finally rolled into the Vail Valley. For sandbags, we have:

– Vail’s government joining the winter marketing effort early. That’s huge just by itself and sends the right message.

– Epic Pass sales ” criticized as folly early on and now recognized as the work of pure genius.

– The strongest ski company in the country and the world, a fact easily lost in the rather chronic carping from segments of a community that has perhaps grown a bit spoiled by success.

– Healthy municipal governments. The town of Vail in particular was just smart enough and fortunate enough to build up its reserves instead of spending them down during the good times. The mountains, after all, are notorious for boom and bust cycles throughout history.

– And we’ll put this on the levee too: Vail Resorts and town of Vail leaders making a concerted effort to work better together. This follows some head-butting that went maybe a little beyond the differences in goals both entities naturally must have to best serve their overlapping constituencies.

Here’s another way to build up the bank against the grim tide : All of us can pull together more than we do in “normal” times.

A big part of what sells Vail and Beaver Creek is friendly service. A commenter to the Vail Daily Web site, who goes by the handle “longtimer,” put it better than we could:

“We have the marketing; we have the snow; we have the mountain, the resort and the businesses that people throughout the world want to visit. Now is time for the businesses to wake up and get ready to do business.

“The businesses I see all have faces of a people occupied by a foreign power. The morale is at an all-time low. We have been through these before and have done quite well.

“So, get your smiles on, and please get ready. Christmas is a couple of weeks away. The want ads are nonexistent. Are you guys ready, or will we have customers with dollars in hand, ready to spend having disappointed times because businesses weren’t ready?

“Please remember, our guests are coming here for a great time. They wish to be whisked away from being bombarded by the gloomy news each day to a feeling of, ‘Wow! I’m back and ready.’

“They don’t want long lines, out-of-product and excuses when they arrive. Its our mission to put the smiles back on their faces.”

Thanks, coach.

We all have a job to do, it turns out. We each have a sandbag to help ourselves through.

Vail Daily Editorial Board

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