Vail Daily’s View: Yes, bloom of ‘medicinal’ pot clinics is wacky |

Vail Daily’s View: Yes, bloom of ‘medicinal’ pot clinics is wacky

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

Ah, there’s a distinctively sweet whiff of irony in the sprouting of “medicinal” marijuana shops in the Vail Valley.

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Medicinal, eh? So’s whisky. We prefer ours to be single malt.

Better than an apple any day.

A last knot of folks who bought “Reefer Madness” back when would strike up the battle again. And good for them; there are plenty of good arguments against legalizing drugs. This war, however, has long passed.

Having pot regulated and sold like alcohol and tobacco actually would go a long way toward end-ing the violent crime and underworld associated with this drug we are so, so conflicted over.

Technically, “medicinal” use of marijuana might well be a way to combat nausea after chemo and for treating glaucoma. No question, though, there are far more effective prescriptions for both.

Smoking anything is unhealthy – tobacco as much if not even more so than marijuana. And of course that is not the point.

Our little blooming of “clinics” has precious lit-tle to do with medicine and everything to do with the grand drive to fully legalize the stuff. Can we say “loophole”? The voters approved this years ago.

Here’s another little irony: The home-rule towns have more power to regulate where and whether these shops start up in their borders than the county does. The coun-ty is an arm of the state of Colorado and is much more limited.

But some of the very folks so angry about the presence of the medical head shops were also the biggest opponents of Eagle County becoming a home-rule county with some independence from the state.

Frankly, we wondered what they were smoking with some of the opponents’ rather absurd claims against a sensible idea to make the county a home-ruled entity.

Now, with a wink, they can get a prescription just down the street. Funny the way things go.

Vail Daily Editorial Board

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