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Eagle alternatives to Target?

The proposed Eagle River Station stories and commentaries continue to dominate the comments at Here are a few:

B-Money, why will traffic headed for Gypsum have an effect on Eby Creek? Are they all going to “drive around the loop” just for the hell of it? EGE’s expansion of services is another argument for the interchange that you want built east of Eagle to serve only ERS, to be built west of Eagle, which would, indeed, take the pressure off Highway 6.

You didn’t answer my question re: “Have you been approached about managing the hotel ERS has planned?”


The traffic will get off at the Eagle exit, not Gypsum. It’s faster to go from Eagle to Cooley Mesa than from Gypsum. No one goes down to Gypsum to get to EGE. They get off at our exit.

How will we ever get the money for the west exit? ERS is the only viable plan I have heard to raise that kind of money. And no, I have not been approached to manage that hotel, nor would I want to.


Gypsum will get its own interchange soon enough. It’s earmarked. Getting another interchange in Eagle isn’t the reason why we should approve a project as ill-thought-out and as generic as ERS. More dumb reasoning.

Eagle residents, don’t sell our souls for the sake of infrastructure improvements and/or illusive sales tax dollars!


Whats: Where is Gypsum getting the $80 million for this project? You’re the first person I’ve heard say that it has a way to fund it.

Getting another interchange allows us to have a revenue-generating commercial center at the east end of town that will draw thousands of shoppers without having to have more traffic inside of town.

That doesn’t seem like “dumb reasoning” to me. “Dumb reasoning” is saying that we should allow Gypsum to get all of the revenue while we get all of the traffic.


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