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Daily’s View: Considering a quality-of-life fee

Here is a sampling of comments at following a somewhat tongue-in-cheek editorial contemplating the idea of Eagle residents paying an extra fee to partially offset the lost projected tax revenue of the Eagle River Station shopping center.

That is the worst idea I have ever heard of. We have to pay $250 each so that Gypsum can get all of the retail and we get stuck with all of the traffic? Your “West Fest” idea that brings in ten of thousands of people is equally ridiculous. We don’t have the hotels, restaurants, or infrastructure to support it.

I would much rather spend the $500 that you want to take from my family on groceries for two months. Also, the whitewater park: It’s a great idea but does the Eagle River have the flows to support it for more than a month or two during the snow melt?

Also, where do you think Glenwood got the money for their park? They didn’t ask the residents of the town to contribute $250 each. Instead, they built Glenwood Meadows and it has worked out well for them. Same as ERS would for us with the exception of the fact that we are getting a better deal than the developers of Glenwood Meadows gave the town there. Wake up!

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I kept looking for the punch line because this really has to be a joke. Reality check, Vail Daily board: There are people living in Eagle who actually don’t have an extra $250 lying around to fund “smalltown feeling” and a “kayak park” because they don’t even have the money they need to live!


That’s the best idea I ever heard of since the ERS project is on the table in Eagle. The costs of ERS for the town of Eagle will be a lot higher than calculated right now. And at the end the taxes have to get raised again.

ERS is only good for RED Development and Target, but not for the citizens of Eagle. Revenues will be a lot lower than forecasted and all what will happen is a revenue swap from Broadway, City Market, Cambers and Eagle Ranch. …

I’d rather pay $250 a year. Wake up and say No to ERS!


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