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Letter: VR employees should have choice with helmets

A letter by Jason Plante inspired some comments unrelated to Eagle River Station. You can comment at

There is no question that the recent tragic death of Natasha Richardson is making everyone take a new look at this issue. Yes, wearing helmets is a matter of personal preference and personal liberty. However, it is reasonable for ski resorts to want to set an example for those using their facilities. Who knows, maybe it the resort where Miss Richardson had her fatal fall had encouraged the use of helmets by example, she might still be alive. So, while I DO believe in personal liberties, I also believe that resorts have every right to encourage safety by having their employees set the bar. Sorry, Jason, I am with Vail Resorts on this one.


Jason, I tend to agree with you but also know that VR has the right and the power to enforce any kind of worker mandates they desire. More draconian are the other ways VR really takes advantage of their employees. …

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Choice? The employees have a choice to work for other resorts. Why should VR pay higher WC premiums so employees can have a choice of feeling the wind in their hair? These same “college-educated professionals” have no choice but to buckle up when they get in their cars, so consider this the same type of safety requirement. Employers have a right to make and enforce safety rules that can positively affect the well-being of their employees and their bottom line. So if these “college-educated professionals” are “capable of making solid decisions” let them make a decision to work elsewhere than a VR property.


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