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Letter: Doubting it’s global warming

Kudos to James Shannon for bringing out the truth on this topic. In March, the doomsayers were saying the weather indicated global warming. I pointed out that it was the coldest winter in 40 years in most of the country. … Now it’s cold and snowy again in May, and I notice they have become quiet. …

Finally, the hypocrisy of certain “green” movements cannot be ignored. Hybrids, for example. The batteries are very toxic in their production and disposal, and there is not life-cycle recycling for the batteries. The batteries are huge and are considered a hazmat situation in an accident. Ask your local fire and police department.


Politics aside, it is a very interesting time for determining what is causing climate change. Two northern-hemisphere oceanic sea surface temperature distributions (PDO, AMO) have changed to opposite phases from what they have been for 30 years and may well be around for another 30 years. The result of the AMO becoming negative is a rapidly recovering polar ice cap. The PDO will bring cold, snowy weather to Alaska and the Pacific Northwest and droughts to California. The sun now is the quietest since 1913. As a result, the ionsphere has compressed by 30 percent, and we are being bombarded by cosmic rays. The recent decline in world temperatures may be due to the sun and may well, for now, override temperature forcing from CO2.

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The Shannon (letter) contains many verifiable false assertions and misconceptions. For example, scientists have been using “climate change” for more than 40 years. … The assertion that scientists can’t predict the weather and thus can’t predict the climate is not necessarily true. The climate is the long-term trend, whereas weather is wild fluctuations that happen over short time periods. Also, the assertion that scientists were talking about global cooling 30 years ago also has been falsified. … Also, carbon dioxide is only one of many greenhouse gases produced by humans.

Greg Baker

For some strange reason, I have a lot more trust in the scientists who have demonstrated that global warming due to human consumption of fossil fuels is a reality than I do in some nobody who doesn’t even understand atmospheric homogeneity, much less have any training in fluid thermodynamics.

Old Man Dotes

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