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Letters: Cycle rules silly, dangerous

Rick Silverman’s letter to the editor last week declaring that new state bicycling laws would do little good received a lot of response. Here are some more comments:

You are wrong, Rick. I can’t see why people have such a hard time driving their vehicles. You are not on rails but on a road. When I see a cyclist and a vehicle approaching from the other direction, I have always moved my vehicle to the right to accommodate the car passing the cyclist. Or when passing a cyclist, I have always timed my pass, sometimes have to speed up and sometimes slow down, and always give them some space.

But, if course, I drive a vehicle suitable for sharing the road, not an oversized, bloated sport-utility vehicle or empty pickup with mirrors that scare people off of sidewalks.

Plus, I never have ridden my bike two abreast and only pass a cyclist when it is safe. Cyclists also have to get a clue around here.

They must learn, too, that it is an athletic sport and not an activity. They must ride straight, no veering, no cell-phone talking, no dogs on leashes, etc.

I have always used the white line as my guide and have safely ridden all over the world.

long timer

Um, I also for work drive a huge Mack truck that, when fully loaded, is very hard to stop. So when I am coming around a corner on U.S. Highway 6 and I’m under the speed limit, there y’all are, two abreast, and I have a car coming the other way.

Someone said that if they hit a person on a bike path that it would kill or hurt them. Me going 45 to 50 in a big dump truck won’t? …


The bike-path argument is correct because the cyclist is assuming the risk by riding on the road. A little kid swerving on the path or a jogger does not have the same assumption of risk.

In many states, there is a speed limit on multi-use paths, below 8 mph. And in every state, the cyclist is entitled to the road as much as any truck.

There is no minimum speed limit on any surface road, only interstates. And, as I said before, everyone needs to mellow out.

Don’t blame the guy in the garbage truck because he can’t get up to speed in two seconds, and don’t blame the cyclist for being on the road.


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