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Our View: Use of phrase ‘Jewish descent’ upset readers

Managing Editor Matt Zalaznick wrote an editorial Thursday apologizing and explaining that “is our responsibility not to perpetuate any of gross stereotypes” after a police report in Wednesday’s paper referenced the suspect looking like he was of Jewish descent. The comments came swiftly. Here are a few:

It is responsible reporting not to perpetuate bias, bigotry, or hatred. The reporter who covered the story did not directly quote the witness and therefore did not have to say Jewish looking with a big nose. You as editors were wrong in allowing this description to be printed. I had hoped that ethnic and religious labeling were diminishing. However, this article contributed to the ongoing stereotyping of a people. I am very disappointed that you tried to explain away the context of the article. It was wrong and you should just say you were wrong and not try to justify why it should be acceptable. It wasn’t just insensitive, it was irresponsible reporting. And then you tried to soft sell it by talking about other ethnicities. the damage was done and you were just wrong. Annette Ramer


No apology necessary. We all are Jewish. We came from Adam and Eve.


Shame, shame, shame on the Vail Daily. Most of all, shame on you for falling into the PC trap because now you will err on the side of not reporting the news properly. You can describe some ethnicities based on factual — not stereotypical — characteristics. What does a Catholic look like? …This was wrong, dead wrong, to use the description you used and no amount of explanation will undo the fear that so many Jews feel these days as anti-Semitism is on the rise. I’m a Catholic married to a Jew and I look at our grandchildren and worry about the world out there that is increasingly finding it easy to be anti-Semitic.


Describing someone as “looking Jewish” is different than describing someone as looking “Middle Eastern” or “African American” for the simple reason that Jews can be from anywhere. Spain, Eastern Europe, Africa, Ireland, ANYWHERE. …

zachary kolpan

Good grief. Let it go.


This is an absolute copout! Please do not further the insult with this lame attempt of an apology!

bad cleo

For those that are perfect and have never said or written anything that might offend someone, I find it hard to believe that the VD intentions were to upset folks. … The goal is to find the perpetrator. Quit being so darn sensitive and focus on the goal at hand. It’s crazy that we can get excited about the first black president but we can’t talk about a person who commits a crime as black, Hispanic, Middle Eastern or of possible Jewish descent –based on where they are from (Eastern European) not their religious preference. I guess the only acceptable way to describe someone is “of human form.” …

Mtn Lover