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Cacioppo intends to sue

Longtime local political agitator Michael Cacioppo’s latest legal drama following an incident with a Vail police office made this story one of the most commented upon. Here are some samples:

… Why a lawsuit? What exactly is that going to do except make Cacioppo think that he is only out for the almighty dollar? Which a lot of people already think that is all that he thinks about because of all of his lawsuits. Unfortunately with all of the sue-happy people out there, lawsuits are not always viewed by the general public as a way to obtain justice, but as a way to obtain a better financial status.

Why can’t he just file a grievance of some sort with the Vail PD and maybe the town of Vail, and then ride them to make sure that appropriate administrative action is taken against this officer?

I’m sure that they will (if they aren’t already) doing some sort of investigation into this officer’s conduct that night.


How much more do Eagle County taxpayers have to pony up for … Cacioppo’s frivolous lawsuits?


If I were held at gunpoint and cuffed on the ground after making a 9-11 call and complying with the officers request, I would not think it was “frivolous.”


I find it interesting that many are willing to demean and convict without all of the information. The ones who really know what happened are Mr. Cacioppo, the officer and witnesses. We don’t!

Be grateful that none of you are on trial via the local newspaper. I don’t know Mr. Cacioppo, nor do I know the police officer. What I do know is I’m very saddened by the things that I’m reading here. We live in a valley of very cruel minded, mean-spirited individuals.


It sounds like the police officer was doing his job in a safe and professional matter. If Cacioppo was refusing to listen to a police officer’s orders after three requests, then I cannot blame him for being extremely cautious around an individual who may snap at any second, especially that Cacioppo was confrontational right from the beginning when the police officer was their trying to help with the situation. People can be unpredictable and that is what law enforcement personnel are trained to do!

If Cacioppo took offense to this, then maybe next time he should listen to instructions a little better and pay attention to situational awareness and this may not have occurred in the first place.


Hmm, sounds like there is a witness that says something different than the officer. Cacioppo is always interesting, to say the least. However, it also sounds like something amiss happened with this officer. If Cacioppo is (for once) right, then this officer definitely needs more training and/or punishment. …


Glad to see Mr Cacioppo is still up to his grandstanding exploits in the Vail Valley. If we are to understand this, he apparently calls in to report a situation he is mistaken about, then proceeds to disobey and take a confrontational attitude with the responding officer, while holding a (closed) knife in his hand. What’s up with that?

Officer Anderson then conducts an investigative stop, keeping himself safe and temporarily restrains Cacioppo for his own safety while sorting the situation out, later resulting in no charges. Mr. Cacioppo is lucky he wasn’t subjected to a higher level of force, Taser or mace, or charged with disorderly conduct or obstructing.

Seems to me Cacioppo’s demeanor determined his own treatment and Officer Anderson handled the situation safely in spite of Cacioppo’s behavior. Work safe Vail P.D. You officers don’t get paid enough not to go home to your families at the end of your shifts!


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