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Vail, CO, Colorado

Vail Daily letter: To the dog-haters

Nice job Jackson, I 100% agree with you , I hardly believe that every dog is out to attack and poop in your yard, be careful you might lick them to death though


I love my dog but if there are leash laws, obey them, and if your dog craps in my yard, clean it up. I am so sick and tired of people letting their pets run free to crap in their neighbor’s yard, turn their once green grass yellow and not even have a care in the world.

Yeah, we all live in the mountains to run free as a bird, but that all comes with some responsibility!


I see no reason why I should have to be scared that my 1 year old daughter is going to be attacked by your unleashed dog. Dogs are dangerous animals that have killed and maimed tens of thousands of people. If you want to let your dog run free, then buy enough property that your dog can run free on your fenced property. If you want to enter public property, then put your dog on a leash. By the way, I don’t like cleaning up after your dog even less than you do. Oh that’s right, you don’t clean up after your dog.

vail resident

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