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Let’s stop hollering, and vote on Eagle River Station when time comes

Here’s a snippet of the response to a letter written by David Dillon of Eagle.

Many people do support ERS, and David is right on. Everyone has a right to their opinion. And to Spin: Keep out the riff raff? Wow. It seems as though some opponents to ERS are saying that a herd of elk staying in a dangerous area (dangerous for the elk according to the DOW) is more important than people who may have a different view. Or people who aren’t “good enough” to live here. Or people who aren’t them. Again, wow.


I just read today that the possibility of a referendum looms large on the horizen. That is good news. Even better news would be to see the Town Board vote ERS down. Please, everyone who cares about Eagle and wants to retain the small town atmosphere that has, thus far, survived all the craziness surrounding us, get on board and defeat ERS.

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… There are all kinds of small towns in Colorado where absolutely nothing happens, there are no proposed developments, no airport nearby, no upscale ski resort driving the economy, and no second home owners. In those towns, there is almost no employment outside the local Sonic drive in. Roads are graded, not paved, propane tanks abound, there are no local high schools nearby, people have well water and septic tanks. Why didn’t everybody move to one of those if being in a small town was so important? Maybe Eagle isn’t a “typical” small town after all? As a county seat, doesn’t it make sense for Eagle to be a commercial center as well?


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