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Vail Daily’s Wisdom from the Web

Vail Daily Staff
Vail, CO, Colorado

Vail Daily’s View: Vail not in position to give raises

I didn’t hear you complain the last time the town had budget cuts, and all town employees did not receive any raises for two years, leaving hardworking employees making at least 8 percent less than their counterparts.

As someone who has to deal with the public on a daily basis, we are the ones who give countless hours to guest services and continually rate as one of the best services in the town surveys.

Good, hardworking, dependable employees are hard to find and harder to keep.

We have absolutely earned our raises! As usual, you are out of touch.


But so do countless other dedicated local architects, carpenters and ski instructors who deserve to still be employed or working full-time. Where are the big dollars these workers made before the economy went south?

Many of these employees looked at the big buck at hand and not at the stable, lower-than-average job of being a public servant for the long run. Before making your comment, let’s start getting the facts straight. Everyone has taken a hit from this. Crying about giving back, why don’t you try picking trash off the side of the road when it’s 1 below and then have someone suggest you give your $1 raise back.


Who “deserves” to be employed? I didn’t realize that employment was some sort of “unalienable” right. I would much rather see a devoted, hardworking employee get a small raise to keep them happy than have an employer subsidize an employee with a job because they “deserve” it. I have worked with many of those “charity case” employees, and all they do is make you work harder.

It breeds resentment at work, and productivity decreases as other employees lower their work level because they are sick of covering for the leech. It’s amazing how “socialistic” people become when an enterprise culls the herd and rewards its backbone employees.


Great observation, Vail Daily. Perhaps the seedy underbelly of the town of Vail will finally be revealed.


What if Vail Daily charged for Web site?

Dream big; it’ll happen. Go out and make something that everyone else will follow. Take a chance. You only live once. If your heart is in it and you’re doing something for the great, it’ll work out.

There are enough people up here who think different; you’ll have no trouble getting customers to pay. You just have to have something great that’s all about them. Remember. It’s about them, not you.


Sounds like a great idea, Don. I hope the Vail Daily is the first to implement your plan! Love,, where our content will always be free.


… Even the articles that may be a subscription article typically can be found for free in “short” format (similar to AP stories) on Highbeam (

So even if Google dies, somebody somewhere will pay for online subscriptions and then post them on a free search Web site, don’t you think?

I think the real key is to give people what they want to read, and may the best paper win. The newspapers that do that seem to do just fine. Rocky Mountain News and Vail Trail are/were too similar papers in too small of a demographic area.


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