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Vail, CO, Colorado

Vail Valley brokers: Prices have to drop to spur market

Not too sure about the rest of you out there, but I, for one, am humored by the valley real estate scene. VA thinks $1,200 per square foot is a good deal? The smart money is shorting mountain and Eagle County real estate.

Bartell says there’s lots of dollars on the sideline? I disagree. The money has evaporated with Madoff, Stanford and the rest of the trust-funders.

In my view, the whole of Eagle County and Vail/Beaver Creek in particular needs a big correction. The quality of the experience of the valley, while still good, is a turn-off. One can’t read the paper nor watch local TV without seeing some Realtor talking about his latest listing and all the amenities, yadayadayada. Seems like what used to be sweet mountains with a welcoming mindset and good overall feel have turned into an irrational fantasy land that even the over-monied crowd can’t swallow. Take the NYC mindset out of the Rockies and back to where it belongs ” 1,500 miles from here.


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News flash to the commissioners: Affordable housing is no longer the problem. Obama’s economic policies are the problem. Drastic increases in taxes for the “wealthy” upper-middle class are the problem with the new budget provisions. News flash to the Vail Daily and to all the Kool-Aid-drinking liberals: The Kool-Aid is wearing off.


News flash to John.Galt: The people have voted. The Rush Limbaugh Party lost. Quit being such a big baby, and get over it. Wealthy people will have to start paying taxes again, just like everyone else.

Nobody is redistributing wealth. The money’s gone because some very stupid, greedy CEOs weren’t being regulated. Sorry about your 401k.

restless native

Vail Valley Voices: How do you spell sacrifice?

When other people assume that I’ll make decisions based on their needs, that’s their problem. Also, when I assume people will take a pay cut to help me, that’s just unrealistic and stupid. Read some Ayn Rand or move to Venezuela.


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