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New hope for Eagle County airport interchange?

Eagle County officials say they’ve found a $1.5 billion pot of money in stimulus package. Here are a few comments following the story.

Kudos to Peter and the other county electeds for lobbying behind the scenes for Eagle County residents. Finally getting a direct connection for our guests, along with all improvements to the airport over the year, will make Eagle County competitive and have the edge over our competition. Thanks Peter for your work!!

Oh, and to the poorly informed fanatic (in another comment), your livelihood probably depends on resort guests choosing Eagle County, so if we fall behind on $80 million worth of public transportation improvements, you will fall behind in your paycheck. That isn’t a Democratic or Republican issue … .


What a colossal waste of taxpayers’ money just so the “beautiful people” don’t have to mingle with the “peasants” of Gypsum and Eagle on the way to their private jets.

That $80 million could be put to good use on other road projects. Of course, we all know, the final bill will be well over $100 million.

However, since this boondoggle will probably be built anyway, I propose that it becomes a toll bridge.

How about $25 per trip? That sounds reasonable to me since I will never use it!


Good call, StopWastingOurMoney.

Do our illustrious leaders really think that tourists who are forced to drive through Eagle roundabouts right now will stop coming here due to that? And that if given their very own off-ramp, thus avoiding the riff-raff that lives here, will increase in numbers because of that action? Now I do understand that I am a poorly informed fanatic, but to my way of thinking, people who are seeing less and less take-home dollars each week have less and less dollars to spend ,too. But hey, I am just a “poorly informed fanatic,” right?

Bottom line: Our county, our state, just cannot spend it fast enough. I have noticed Colorado is not among the states telling Sir Hopenchange no thanks on accepting tax money. And in fact, our county leaders and our state are not just grabbing as much as they can. They are increasing taxes in almost every area they can.

That Sir Outofdabox, translates into even less dollars to spend. Duh!


Vail Daily’s View: Vail leaders return their raises

OK, I was one who was shocked about the raises and now I have to say huge kudos and great karma for these three!


OK, where’s my car at Eagle County’s airport?

… Why wouldn’t a county employee notify the county sheriff about cars that are towed and where they are? … So here’s my idea: Just ticket the overtime parkers, set a hefty fine, and let the airport keep the fees. That’s the way they’d do it in the “real” world. Why not here?


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