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Vail Daily’s Wisdom from the Web

Vail Daily staff
Vail, CO, Colorado

Skier caught in in-bounds avalanche

No one was hurt in the Blue Sky Basin slide, but the news made this commenter wary:

The person in the Snowbird slide died! And another person was hurt in another slide in Utah. Please be very, very careful skiing any of the backcountry options around the valley, especially East Vail. The facet and crust layers out there are very scary indeed. Someone died in a slide just outside of Aspen mountain as well!


Don Rogers: A pressing issue

A response to a column about newspapers struggling as businesses like the rest of the business community in this recession:

What is going on? The nation is in big trouble and so are the residents. This valley has filled with liberal-thinking folks and now their funding to spend is drying up. For the past year, the Vail Daily has run articles about how we are not touched, we are floating above the rest of the nation’s financial woes. Wrong. It just didn’t hit here yet. And now it is, only it isn’t here for real. Yet. Mark my words come spring you will see the results of the “spend, spend” thinking. And oh yes, your advertisers will not have money to spend in your newspaper, either. The word “advertisers” includes the various county departments who will be broke soon enough themselves. So the thought of being a seond Rocky Mountain News is not really so far off base. …


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