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Vail Daiy’s Hts & Misses

Vail Daily StaffVail, CO, Colorado

Send your Hit or Miss to Don Rogers at or call 970-748-2920.HIT: To Tom Tancredo going toe to toe with attendees at the Vail Valley 9.12 Project’s meeting Saturday in the Eagle County commissioners’ chambers. He knew he was in for some hostility from the group that largely supports Republican Dan Maes for governor, and he squared up to the discussion. You don’t have to agree with his views to appreciate his willingness to explain his views and his own third-party candidacy for governor.MISS: To the idea of giving second-home owners more voting rights in municipal and county elections than ordinary people. Is the answer for this country really to go back to more votes for the landed gentry? HIT: To the town of Eagle’s new catchphrase – “Eagle, Classic Colorado.” Nice touch. Eagle really is a classic with its history and small-town feel.HIT: To the Vail Valley Medical Center’s supervolunteer, Dick Woodrow. The Volunteer Corps and people who visit the hospital are direct beneficiaries of his efforts.MISS: To the Club at Cordillera’s current financial problems. Tough on the new owners and really, really tough on the membership. Apparently, the organization that operates the golf courses was headed off a cliff when David Wilhelm bought it last year in an effort to change direction. That new direction hasn’t taken hold, and so the club remains in trouble. That’s not good for the community as a whole.HIT: A big one to Vail Valley Cares helping out in all sorts of ways, not the least of which being able to distribute $231,000 to other community-service groups in addition to providing direct help through its thrift shops. Talk about your win-win endeavors. Wow. HIT: Oh what the heck, to the addition of Michael Moore to the circus we’re calling the governor’s race. He’s not that Michael Moore, and he has an interesting idea he’s running on – direct democracy via the Internet. We’re not fans of mob rule, electronic or otherwise, but why not have some fun with his candidacy from, ahem, classic Colorado? That’s code for Eagle, where he lives. Best of luck!

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