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Vail Daiy’s Wisdom from the Web

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Vail Valley Voices: Dems dug that economic hole

A commentary by Vail resident Jim Akin touched off a firestorm of comments awhile ago. Here are just a few:

Bush is hands down the worst president we have ever had. It’s hard to blame the media for that when our economy has regressed as much as it has. The Republicans allowed for the deregulation of the credit industry, which allowed credit card companies to rape their customers. The attitude of greed which the Republicans represented caused our economy to collapse..


The Democrat culture of corruption is in full swing again with Rod B. in Chicago at the lead. It’s funny how little we hear from ardent leftists about their own family problems.


WC, there is a reason why you hear little from “leftists” (meaning everybody that’s left of Rush Limbaugh, i.e.: 85 percent of the population) about “their own family problems.” Unlike us, “rightists” like you refuse to read or listen to anything that doesn’t conform to your own viewpoint, so naturally you wouldn’t hear about them anyway. This is backed up by numerous nonpartisan university studies on the subject ….

Typical righty response: No need to check out the “other side’s” views, because they’re automatically wrong. Round and round we go.


How is investing in infrastructure for a green economy not a long-term strategy for developing our economy? If we could produce all of the energy America needs within our own borders (and even potentially sell energy to other countries) we would be in a far better economic position than where we were even before the latest crisis. Not to mention the added security advantages.

No one cared about the Middle East before oil and no one will care about it after oil is no longer needed. Take oil money out of the Middle East, Russia, and Venezuela and our foreign policy just got a lot easier to deal with. And I notice you have been quick to bash Obama’s plan, but very slow in delivering an alternative. I’m sure everyone would be interested to hear how you would fix our current economic state.


First the Red folks claim they love Ronnie: “We want Reagannomics,” “Ronnie was our hero,” “Us Republicans, we’re all about Ronnie,” “We love McCain because he seems like Ronnie.” Do a search on the board, you can find all kinds of juicy quotes. …

The Red folks hero, Ronnie, sponsored a few “socialist” tax acts. The Tax Reform Act was paid for by, oh no not that, raising corporate taxes. Yep. Uh, that’d be a redistribution of wealth, folks. The very same thing you all said you were against!


Thank you Jim Akin for having the courage to write this. Yes, we are all disgusted and we know that it’s all ridiculous. We can’t do anything about it. But, time will tell. It would be nice if Obama’s plan works. I doubt it. That’s why we didn’t vote for him. …


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