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Vail Dai’y’s Wisdom from the Web

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Advanced firearms training facility could be built in GypsumThis recent story has attracted among the most comments on Here are a few:Since as many as 400,000 people a year use guns in situations where the defenders claim that they almost certainly saved a life by doing so, this result cannot be dismissed as trivial. If even one-tenth of these people are accurate in their stated perceptions, the number of lives saved by victim use of guns would still exceed the total number of lives taken with guns.NeoLibConHeres another example of Americas gun laws at their finest. noticed no one has chosen to comment on the article about the guy with a concealed weapon permit who accidentally shot himself at a church up in Greeley. You guys should talk to the editors at the VD. The stories they are publishing are beginning to make your argument look weak. …B-moneyI would think people would be 100% in support of those who hope to use this as a training tool to learn how to safely use a gun in defense of their homes and family. Guns will not go away, so why not learn to use them in a safe way? …annasashaNo to Eagle as Anywhere USAA letter opposing the Eagle River Station shopping center east of Chambers Avenue in Eagle continues to attract many comments. Here are a few of the latest:Just a word about affordable housing: If this were Colorado Springs instead of Eagle, the same hourly retail employee that makes $11-$12 and hour here would be making $8-$9 and hour there. … Even in Colorado Springs, that doesnt buy much. The point is that it is fruitless to talk about purchased housing for hourly employees at that rate in any community, much less this one. That is why apartments are such an important part of the mix. They are plentiful everywhere but here. …Raptor5747NIMBY. You are 40 years too late. Eagle already has three main streets. One called Broadway, one at Eagle Ranch, and the other by the interstate. When did a field or pasture become beloved open space? mikeinvail… As for the increased customer base: try the 40,000-plus residents of Eagle County who currently do not shop in Eagle. People from Glenwood and the surrounding area come here for Costco already, so a few more stores would draw more of them. What about destination guests, including the ones at the new Saddleridge development and the hotel at ERS? What about the hundreds, if not thousands, of new residents in the area with the completion of the housing at ERS, Stratton Flats, McHatten Creek, Brightwater, Adams Rib, and Dotsero?B-moneyDid you … ever just consider the valley for what it is? Pure beauty that was once overflowing with teams of wildlife, native trout, migrating elk herds, and a people with a love and a respect for the Eagle Valley that most will never comprehend. And that pure beauty is quickly diluting to nothing more than over-development by greedy people with no respect for the land, its history, and its wildlife. I was born and raised in the Eagle Valley and its because of things like ERS why I have left.Walker Milhoan… Of course there are things you cant buy in Eagle, but there are a LOT of things you CAN buy in Eagle. People are too lazy to split up their shopping list. Lets go to Costco and buy everything under one roof. Everyone is wondering why we are in the mess we are in. We have asked for it from the choices we make. It seems basing decisions only on the almighty dollar has worked out really well for America. If people want to know why there are no jobs, look at that label over on your next big shopping trip and that is why. Support Eagle. Support your town. No to ERS!girl n the mtns

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