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Vail Dai’y’s Wisdom from the Web

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Vail, CO, Colorado

Vail takes a legal loophole

Here’s what one commenter had to say about a Don Rogers column arguing why the town of Vail should continue to print the text of ordinances in the legal advertising section of the paper:

It is a fine line you walk, Mr. Rogers, in trying to make your point and not have that point sound completely self-serving. The fact is that people are getting their information and news in far different ways than in the past. I am not sure why you presume that publishing an ordinance in your paper is far better than publishing an ordinance on their website. If I want real-time information on Town of Vail actions, going to their website is more timely than waiting for the paper to come out with something that may, or may not, be printed correctly.

If people know that these types of things will be on the website, they will go there to find them. This is much more timely, accurate, and accessible. I mean, anybody on the planet with an Internet connection can access it from there.

I understand your bias, but $20,000 is not chump change, it is a quarter of an employee’s salary and benefits. I commend the Town for this move.


Rope ducker triggers slide at Blue Sky

A couple of readers commented on the report of another “slide” in the Blue Sky Basin area, this one out of bounds:

An avalanche is an avalanche whether it’s a slab, a slough, or a point release — unless it happens to be in Blue Sky Basin and then VR PR can call it whatever they want. The message they should be conveying is that we have a pretty unstable snowpack this year (so far), it’s dangerous in uncontolled areas, and you shouldn’t duck ropes. VR trying to call this something other than an avalanche only furthers the belief that they don’t know what they are doing when it comes to snow safety. Of course they have skilled staff on patrol, but that’s not the image they are creating right now. I wonder who’s making the call on whether terrain should be opened — patrol or someone in Broomfield?


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