Vail Dance fest spotlight: Robbie Fairchild, New York City Ballet |

Vail Dance fest spotlight: Robbie Fairchild, New York City Ballet

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VAIL, Colorado – Learn more about the artists in town for the Vail International Dance Festival in our Dancer Spotlight profiles. Stay tuned for exclusive interviews and inside information on dancers, choreographers, musicians and more.

We talked to Robbie Fairchild, a dancer with the New York City Ballet, about dancing at 8,150 feet and an unfortunate beetle incident.

Vail Daily: What’s it like to dance at 8,150 feet?

Robbie Fairchild: This is my first time coming to Vail but I am from Utah and know what it’s like to dance at such high elevation. You may not notice the elevation right away, but soon realize mid-variation that you’re more desperate for air than you usually are.

VD: What is your pre-performance ritual?

RF: I like to listen to mellow music to calm my nerves, like James Morrison or John Mayer. Before I walk on stage I close my eyes and say thank you for the ability and opportunity to dance and pump myself up with a “go get ’em” kinda phrase.

VD: What performance are you most excited to watch as a spectator of the festival?

RF: I’m honestly excited to see it all. These dancers are the best of the best and it’s an honor to share the stage with each one of them.

VD: Have you ever seen Damian Woetzel, the festival director, perform? Have you ever danced with Damian yourself?

RF: I have seen Damian perform many times. I loved watching him in “Fancy Free” and “Rubies.” Anything he performed was stunning. His dancing had the most natural dynamics … something I had only seen from Gene Kelly. We also danced together once in “West Side Story,” one of those performances you never forget.

VD: What book are you reading right now?

RF: I’m finishing up with “The Shack,” it’s a sort of spiritual getaway.

VD: When you have time off, what do you like to do?

RF: I love to go to the beach. It’s my absolute favorite place to be.

VD: Has anything embarrassing ever happened to you on stage?

RF: It was in the balcony scene of “Romeo and Juliet” in the outdoor theater in Saratoga. In an intimate moment, my partner whispered you have a bug on your face, and then flicked it off. It was a huge beetle that had evidently been on my face from the beginning of the pas de deux but she hadn’t been able to get it off until that certain moment. It was hard to get focused again but we pulled ourselves together.

VD: What music are you excited about right now?

RF: I love the new Black Eyed Peas CD but can’t wait for more music from James Morrison.

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