Vail Dear Doc column: A Christmas poem |

Vail Dear Doc column: A Christmas poem

‘Twas the morning of Christmas, and all through our land

The newborn Christ Child was watching, holding us by the hand.

Presents were opened, on childrens’ faces good cheer

As the grown-ups pondered what lay ahead in the coming New Year.

Without our health we have nothing is truth to bestow

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So how well we live our lives is the foundation upon which we grow.

Changes in healthcare are coming rang the reform bell,

What it means for each of us is yet hard to tell.

Healthcare for all is important and part of the big plan,

But good health still happens from making the best decisions we can.

Don’t drink, smoke or swear is easy advice,

Sleep well and exercise would also be nice!

In truth we also must love, forgive and give thanks,

Those three things will grant us better health than any money in the bank.

For our stressors and worries we must learn to let go,

We can only control the things that we know.

So give up to God or to whomever you pray,

The burdens you carry that lengthen your day.

For our health is far more than a number or a test,

Our emotions and our Faith are part of the rest.

That God will only bless us, with what we can handle – recall!

For nothing can defeat us no matter how big or how small.

Health doesn’t happen by accident is how I frequently end,

But on this special day, Merry Christmas is the best wish I can send.

Dr. Drew Werner is a medical staff leader at Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs, a family physician at TotalHealth Care and the Eagle County health officer. He lives in Eagle with his family. Email comments about this column to

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