Vail Design at Altitude column: Design inspiration brought to you by autumn |

Vail Design at Altitude column: Design inspiration brought to you by autumn

Yvonne Jacobs
Design at Altitude
Welcome fall by adding nubby textures, cozy leather and interesting natural design elements to a room.
Kimberly Gavin | Special to the Daily |

As much as I love summer, I anticipate the arrival of fall, with its cooler nights, bluebird days and dappled light. I probably look forward to it because I love to update my home for the season, whether it’s pulling out cozy throws or using bolder colors. Here are a few of our favorite ways to bring fall into our lives.

One of my favorite ways to spice up the home is to use texture on the walls: Go beyond the usual and add reclaimed (or reclaimed-looking) wood on walls. Texture definitely lends depth to a space. While I love using grass-cloth paper, there are so many options to texturize your space — think fabrics such as hemp or raffia or even materials like leather and suede. It really warms up a room. Best of all, it works in a variety of rooms, from smaller powder room to larger sitting room.

I know wallpapering a room is a large undertaking — and one not everyone is willing to tackle. Incorporating warmer colors in accessories and paint colors is an easy way to prepare a room for fall. Go beyond the typical fall colors: Try smoky blues, dark blues and greens and deep red tones.

I get it — colors are not for everyone. Just as much as I love deep, dramatic hues, I also love the look of a neutral room with no color. It feels sophisticated. The lack of color lets the natural hewn woods really shine; it’s definitely a rustic elegance that works in the mountains and in the city.

I hate to admit how much I love this next aspect, but I love pulling out my chunky throws and pillows. I’m not averse to pulling them outside to my patio and sinking into the furniture, soaking in sights and sounds of the outdoor fire pit and letting the chilly fall air wrap around me.

Come fall, I add in touches of leather, whether it’s a contemporary armchair or cool hide throw. Again, the addition of texture and deeper tones and colors just feels right this time of year. Leather can warm in the winter and cool in the summer and just looks great with a variety of design aesthetics. Add a nubby throw to the armchair, and it is guaranteed the favorite spot in the house.

Finally, I often say it, but details count, and the beauty of a room comes together with accessories. An easy and fun way to bring the fall inside is to use natural tree branches on your dining table for an unexpected design element. Best of all, you can collect unusually shaped sticks on a hike with your family all fall.

Instead of mourning summer’s retreat, welcome fall with open arms and strong design ideas.

Yvonne Jacobs is president of Slifer Designs, and she loves finding new design inspiration.

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