Vail Design at Altitude column: Grateful for good interior design |

Vail Design at Altitude column: Grateful for good interior design

A wonderfully easy update to any room, paint is a small investment both in time and cost, but it can create a new mood in the room.
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It’s so easy to forget all that we should be thankful for, from family to friends to being able to live in this paradise. We love Thanksgiving for its decidedly noncommercial aspect, for giving us a day to shut down, disconnect from technology and reconnect with the special ones in our lives.

Beyond our social circle, though, we’re thankful for great design. From the seemingly small to the very obvious, there have been some amazing design updates in the past few years. Here’s just a short list put together by the experienced designers at Slifer Designs.

Thankful for Paint, Textures

Paint. Not just any paint, but paint that bursts with color, that creates a mood, whether one of vibrancy or one that produces a calm, soothing effect. A wonderfully easy update to any room, paint is a small investment both in time and cost, but it can create a new mood in the room. We love the low volatile organic compound, or VOC, paint, too — it adds color without harsh off-gassing of chemicals.

“I am grateful for Benjamin Moore Paint,” said Beth Slifer, creative director and founder of Slifer Designs. “In one day, beautiful colors and neutrals can change the look and mood of a room.”

Cozy textures are a luxury in which we can all indulge. Once the snow starts falling, there’s a primal urge to add layers and comfort.

“One of my favorite things about a residential design, particularly up in the mountains, is making spaces feel as warm and comfortable as possible,” said design associate Tessa Hyatt. “At least, that is my No. 1 goal at my own house.”

Thankful for Artists, Craftsmen

Artists and craftsmen who incorporate beauty with artistry inspire Slifer Designs president Yvonne Jacobs.

“I am thankful for artists like Hugo Franca — he designs beautiful pieces that are artistic and made out of natural materials,” she said. “The elements meld together beautifully.”

Thankful for tile

Tile: We love the constantly changing tile, uses for tile and designs created from tile. Sleek subway tiles have been popular for decades, but they never go out of style. Then there are handcrafted porcelain tiles from around the world — they can make a shower a masterpiece, a steam room the best room in the house. The updated flooring tile resembles hardwood and is durable and available in a variety of colors, sizes and textures.

Thankful for touchless faucets

Touchless (or one-gap) faucets: They are brilliant — why did it take so long for them to become more mainstream? It’s perfect for little messy hands and for culinary crafters.

“Faucets in a brushed finish hide fingerprints. But a touchless faucet is a sleek option, too,” said Kim Toms, senior designer. Best of all, a faucet will last for years.

Other things We’re Thankful for

Other design ideas we love — well, there are too many to list them all, but here are a few more, large and small: “Upside-down” homes — those homes that have the main living area on the second floor to take advantage of views and sunshine; glass floors — they are unique and definitely a conversation starter; undermount trash cans for sweeping kitchen messes right into the bin; and a French press coffeemaker to keep us caffeinated for the eternal design search.

Slifer Designs has been the iconic interior design firm in the Vail Valley for more than three decades. They never get tired of creating, finding and using good design.

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