Vail Design at Altitude column: Should you splurge or save on particular furnishings? |

Vail Design at Altitude column: Should you splurge or save on particular furnishings?

A dining room table is a worthwhile investment. After all, generations of your family may one day sit by side by side. A stunning chandelier coupled with a dining room table makes the room welcoming. Both are large purchases but worth the price.
Andy Caulfield | Special to the Daily |

In some places, loving where you live is a mindset; in other places, namely here, it’s easy to love where you live, whether it’s a sprawling oasis on the golf course or a townhome near the bus line. No matter where — or what — your home is, it’s important to have a few pieces you simply love to have in your home.

It’s not always easy finding pieces you’ll love, but we’ll try to share some ideas with you on items to save on and items that are worth the splurge: worthy investments that can be taken along on your home journey. Spend thoughtfully on pieces that will work, and bring joy, for the future.

We all love beautiful homes, good design combined with stunning furnishings and accessories. However, everyone has a budget — some are larger than others, which means making choices and knowing what’s worth spending on and what’s better to scrimp on. One client loved to entertain, so she had no problem spending on the kitchen and the chandelier. She chose to be more conservative in the guest rooms.

Start collecting art early. Your tastes may change throughout time, but you will always look back (fondly) on your first large purchase, whether it’s from a street artist in the Pacific Northwest or an artisan from the Almalfi Coast. Find pieces that speak to you: Original art does not have to be pricey to bring you joy.

Find pieces that speak to you

Find unique stores on your travels. Look for pieces from local artisans, something that speaks to you and that you can design a room around. It might be a smaller piece with vibrant colors, or it could be a large piece that fits a certain space. It’s both a special souvenir and a reminder of that trip.

Antique furnishings are worth the price, but don’t buy it because it’s an antique. Buy it because you love it and can see how it will look in your space and make you feel when you come through the door. In other words, buy it because you love it and you know it will last. Who knows, it could become an heirloom piece that works in myriad ways in various rooms as you move, change and update throughout the years.

Built to Last

A dining room table with leaves might not seem sexy, but imagine growing old with your family, extending the table as more and more come to dinner. A quality table isn’t cheap but should be built to last.

It’s easy to talk yourself into an inexpensive piece of furniture, however, in the long run, it’s rarely worth it. After all, you get what you pay for. In other words, an inexpensive sofa will look nice but more than likely won’t last more than a few years. A quality sofa will last, and because the bones are good, even if your design style changes, if it’s reupholstered, it can last for much longer.

Another place to spend money is on a rug. Choose muted colors, natural fibers and quality construction, and it can last through several moves and changes in your life.

When you’re starting out, there isn’t an endless supply of money. Pick and choose; what do you want to spend money on? A high-end sofa might be a must for your bestie, but if you have been in love with a special piece of art, put your money there. There isn’t a wrong way to spend your dollars, but you should love what surrounds you, and it should reflect your personality.

Senior designers Kellye O’Kelly and Frances Karsh have been with Slifer Designs for more than a decade each. They love searching out the perfect pieces for their clients.

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