Vail expansion underway to create new freestyle competition, training venue on Golden Peak

Clearing will allow for dual moguls events

A new moguls course is currently being constructed on Vail Mountain in the Golden Peak area. A 5.4-acre tree removal project has created the necessary terrain for the course.
Chris Dillmann/Vail Daily

Construction is underway on Golden Peak to create a new moguls course that will host training and competitions in the coming years.

The 5.4-acre expansion is part of the larger Golden Peak expansion project approved in 2019. While the ribbon was cut on the new lift and ski runs associated with the project in the 2019-20 season, this latest phase of the project saw some setbacks.

“There were some concerns that came up about the decision, about erosion and mudflow and sediment off Golden Peak,” said Leanne Veldhuis, the Eagle-Holy Cross District Ranger with the White River National Forest. “Since then, Vail Resorts has been working to resolve some of that.”

The freestyle terrain area currently under construction on Vail Mountain is a continuation of the Golden Peak expansion project approved by the U.S. Forest Service in 2019.
Chris Dillmann/Vail Daily

Veldhuis said after reviewing a supplemental hydrologic assessment for the project and incorporating mitigation measures into the construction implementation plan to satisfy mudflow concerns, the project was cleared.

“That’s what they’re finally implementing since the 2019 decision,” she said. “Those got resolved a few weeks ago, and that’s why the project was able to start.”

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Veldhuis said she did not know how many trees were removed to construct the new course.

“There’s grading that needs to happen to create the mogul course, and some interceptor trench drains and water bar construction. We’re always trying to plan for the water and soil movement on any ski hill. This one is no exception,” Veldhuis said. “All the piping and tubes and everything you’re seeing up there, it’s as the mogul course is being designed — being put into place on the landscape, so it has the right grading and drainage, and anticipating where water will be flowing in the spring and summer after the ski season.”

A staging area on Golden Peak, visible from Vail Mountain’s Golden Gate Trail, hosts the downed trees and piping in the creation of a moguls course, the mountain’s newest expansion of skiable in-bounds terrain.
John LaConte/Vail Daily

Vail Mountain spokesperson John Plack said the new course will host training and competitions and is designed as a dual mogul course.

As for public access, it’s not likely on the mogul course itself but within the general Golden Peak expansion area.

“We anticipate that the T-Bar will be open (to the public) weekly based on conditions and with guest safety in mind,” Plack said.

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