Vail Farmers' Market and Art Show: What to know to shop in Vail Village for summer 2020 |

Vail Farmers’ Market and Art Show: What to know to shop in Vail Village for summer 2020

For the past two weeks, the Vail Farmers’ Market and Art Show has adopted a virtual format. While that will continue throughout the 2020 season, this week is the first week the market will offer an in-person event.

Starting Sunday, July 5, and running through Sunday, Oct. 4, guests will be able to enter the market on a free, ticket-based entrance policy. To reserve shopping times, visit The market is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Vail Farmers Market & Art Show take place on Sundays through Oct. 4 and is a great place to find local food. Entrance will be based on a free ticketing system this year, to provide for social distancing.
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All shoppers should wear masks and comply with social distancing protocols. Avoid handling products before purchasing to ensure safety for vendors as well as other customers. Hand sanitizing stations will be placed around the village, and guests should use them before entering and after exiting vendor booths.

The Farm To Table dinners, happening July 10, July 21, Aug. 7, and Aug. 21, will continue as well this year. There are limited tickets available to account for social distancing, so reserve soon as these events will sell out. Tickets for these can also be purchased at

Here’s a look at some of the vendors selling produce, artisanal food products and more at the Vail Farmers’ Market 2020.

Cole & Danier

Why they’re awesome: The blankets, a Vail staple, are crafted with care and attention to detail.

What to get: Baby and toddler blankets are the best sellers.

Eat A Peach Farms

Palisade peaches are a staple of the area’s offerings when in season.
Ella Srholez | Special to the Daily

Why they’re awesome: The Palisade peach farm also sells heirloom tomatoes, peppers, pears, plums and more.

What to get: Peaches, duh.

Eat A Peach on Facebook

Eli & Mort’s Epic Adventures

Why they’re awesome: These children’s books written by local authors Elyssa and Ken Nager send young readers on adventures through the Vail Valley and other Colorado ski towns.

What to get: “Eli & Mort’s Epic Adventures: Vail” is available in English y en Español.

Helga’s Homemade Organic Pies

The Helga’s team is composed of Helga and Ira Wyatt, who have been married for 13 years.
Casey Russell |

Why they’re awesome: All the pies are homemade, and the family-owned operation uses in-season Colorado ingredients whenever possible.

What to get: A 9-inch pie to take home, or mini pies to enjoy at the market.

Helga’s on Facebook

Hygge Life

Why they’re awesome: Local owners Alexandra Gove and Koen van Renswoude curate hygge – the Danish art of creating coziness and comfort in the home.

What to get: A cozy throw blanket – it’ll come in handy once summer is over.

Jeffreezz’s Jelato

The tent’s Local Honey sign is to-the-point and easily recognizable.

Why they’re awesome: Owner Jeff Isaacson has been making gelato for 48 years and makes up to 63 flavors.

What to get: The gelato stand works in partnership with the Local Honey Colorado honey stand, so get the honey gelato to get truly local flavor.

Kirby Cosmos

Why they’re awesome: Fresh barbecue smoke wafting through the air as the chefs cook up some deliciousness in Vail Village is quite difficult to resist.

What to get: Pulled pork with mac and cheese, fried green tomatoes and hush puppies.

Left Bank

Why they’re awesome: The classic Vail Village French restaurant serves lobster rolls with Maine lobster.

What to get: Pair your roll with Left Bank’s out-of-this-world lemon ice cream.


Loredana’s Torta pesto is a 3-layer creation of pesto, mascarpone cheese and sundried tomatoes.
Casey Russell |

Why they’re awesome: The artisanal cracker toppings – olive oil-marinated cheeses, pesto dip with mascarpone and sundried tomatoes and more – are based on business owner Loredana Ottoborgo’s family recipes from Northern Italy.

What to get: Siena, the flagship product with asiago and parmesean cheese with olive oil, garlic and spices. Go fancy with the Torta, the pesto-mascarpone-sun dried tomato layered dip to pair with crackers or bread. Go vegan with the Fra Diavolo spicy Italian dry rub and seasoning mix.


Why they’re awesome: The family-owned operation sources ingredients either locally or direct from Italy.

What to get: The rosemary and roasted garlic olive oil is a perfect topping or ingredient for pretty much any dish.

Rocky Mountain Taco

Rocky Mountain Taco Truck offers four different fillings, which can be served in tacos, burritos, quesadillas or torta sandwiches.
Rachel Zimmerman | Special to the Daily

Why they’re awesome: The taco truck is a local favorite, with plenty of options for meat-eaters and vegetarians/vegans alike.

What to get: Carne asada tacos with avocado and pico de gallo. Go vegan by getting the Hippie Crack minus cheese and the mild crema. Try new menu creations at the new Minturn brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Smith & Truslow

Why they’re awesome: The all-organic spices are jarred to order – meaning they’re way fresher than typical grocery store spice racks. There are blends and pure spices.

What to get: Cinnamon, which packs a spicy-sweet punch unlike any other cinnamon you’ve had. Black truffle sea salt, which is great on popcorn and French fries.

Vail Meat Company

An escaped cow waiting by the fence for her ranch owner to bring her back in the pasture. Vail Meat Co. sells products from local ranchers.
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Why they’re awesome: Get USDA certified, all-natural, non-GMO, and hormone- and antibiotic-free meat from Eagle County ranchers. They also have fresh, pasteurized eggs.

What to get: Grab a cut to barbecue at home, on a grill in a public park or at a condo or hotel.

Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea

Why they’re awesome: The local coffee roaster and loose-leaf tea provider operates out of Minturn and the cofounders have been working together since 1989.

What to get: A bag to enjoy at home, or a cup to enjoy at the market.

10th Mountain Whiskey and Spirits

10th Mountain Whiskey has a variety of spirit options for all types of drinkers.
Charles Townsend Bessent | Daily file photo

Why they’re awesome: Vail’s most famous distillery honors the history of the 10th Mountain Division, a batallion of skiers-turned-soldiers that trained just south of Vail before heading to Europe for World War II. They also converted their equipment to manufacture hand sanitizer at the beginning of quarantine.

What to get: Pick up a bottle of bourbon, rye, vodka or something else to enjoy at home.

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