Vail fashion column: Colorado couturiers |

Vail fashion column: Colorado couturiers

Jennifer Geismannewsroom@vaildaily.comVAIL CO, Colorado


If your claim to fame is “pure fashionista,” that is a title earned and not something you’re tossed one night while sipping Blue Moons with gal pals at Woody’s Bar & Grill. Part of being in the exclusive world of chic-dom is knowing your designers. Rambling on about Prada’s 2013 white-hot satin handbag, Charlotte Olympia’s La Vie en Rose collection or scoring a pair of vintage Chanel sunglasses speaks volumes in all couture crowds, but so does responding to a compliment on your new clutch with the name of a local, chi-chi designer right here in your home town.Uncovering sought-after, matchless styles is a category that Rouge (locations in Edwards and Eagle) has added to its retail resume. In addition to featuring the most coveted consignments in the Vail Valley – from the runway cravings of Louis Vuitton, Chloe and Akris to favorite Joe’s and 7 For All Mankind jeans – Rouge has tapped into a niche market that bridges the gap between swanky trends and local fashion junkies. Not only clued-in on Colorado’s home-grown designers, store owners, Michelle Anderson and Joselyn Brubaker pride themselves on creating a “lifestyle boutique” where customers are invited into the store’s lap of luxury to hang out for a while.

EagleSkip the frump and don a one-of-a-kind Scarf-Dee. What began as a leisure pursuit, Scarf-Dee has become an adored accessory at Rouge with personal customer requests called in frequently. Deedy Pate’s patterns intertwine color combos adding an under-the-radar-flamboyance that brings a dash of color to your winter-woed wardrobe. Favorites among Vail Valley locals include the indigo and cornflower blend, the orange, pink and purple fusion and the black, charcoal gray and white pattern.

DenverUntil recently, Aksels had the reputation of being just a bro-boy brand, but that dance card has quickly filled up as the native-Colorado tee and hat company has segued into targeting us Alpine Couturists. Fashionable layering is a must in these mountainous conditions and both the long and short-sleeved tees (with skier on the shirt’s front, bottom right corner) will certainly garner you a standing ovation at Red Lion as you belt out “American Pie.”

EagleUpcycled accessories are the new black for 2013. Love & Chaos jewelry, created by Rouge owner Michelle Anderson, has taken this trend to a whole new level. Anderson’s clever creativity turns someone else’s toss-out into unparalleled accessory treasures. Anderson reinvents accessory items that are broken or left for the circular file as she lovingly takes them apart and turns each piece into a new, unique jewelry design under the Love & Chaos logo. Featured earrings include beads, amber gems, fresh water pearls and turquoise. Got something with sentimental value, but never wear? Anderson is open to working directly with customers to re-envision that old charm bracelet from your Grandma Blanche.

AvonTapping into her artistic roots, jewelry designer Race has captured the Colorado sunrises and sunsets in her robust necklace and earring designs. As the Vail winter temps dip below the freezing mark, you’ll warm up your drab-colored ensembles with Race’s use of jade, turquoise and amazonite. The brighter colors will thaw out your winter blues.

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AspenCuff bracelets made a huge comeback in 2012 (think classics such as Tory Burch and Hermes with a sassy twist) and the momentum isn’t dying down any time soon in 2013. Zia Mia’s leather cuffs with single semi-precious stones are a cocktail of feminine flair and biker chic. Pair any cuff with one of the designer’s suede mini-skirts or a simple white tee and jeans to give your look a little edge. To put the finishing touch on your winter look, Zia Mia’s down-to-earth leather and hide satchels fit in flawlessly with the Valley’s alpine couture style.

Colorado SpringsDisplaying your newly acquired baubles is just as important as flaunting them at the next girls’ night out. Dirty Mountain Glassworks may not know it, but we discovered that when your favorite bottle of wine, whiskey or Breckenridge Distillery bourbon is melted into a one-of-a-kind tray, these upcycled (there’s that trend again) bottles are the perfect size for holding bangles, charms or earrings.

DenverA compact is a triple purpose beauty utensil – checking for spinach in your teeth, applying a fresh swipe of your NARS Jungle Red lipstick and discreetly glancing at the hottie sitting behind you. Similar to its name definition, Anomaly takes life’s idiosyncrasies and hand makes them into vintage-vibed accessories. Featuring old-fashioned, Colorado-inspired graphics, Anomaly’s compacts are an avant-garde accessory that deems a purse-worthy shout out. In addition, if you are feeling generous, the company also makes money clips and flasks for your fav guy. Haute Alpine Couture quenches your thirst with a cocktail of cravings and lan that turns an “insider’s favorite” into your monthly buzz. With an eye for uncovering the most sought-after trends, Jennifer Geisman is a self-professed product junky. Geisman fuses her expertise in PR and the beauty and fashion worlds to deliver quintessentially modern hot spots, styles and trends. Email comments to

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