Vail fashion: High fashion for everyday life |

Vail fashion: High fashion for everyday life

Jenn Bruno
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Vail DailyNew York designer Derek Lam received rave reviews at fashion week for his spring 2010 collection, mixing bright solids and bold prints.

VAIL, Colorado –Seeing a familiar designer debut a new collection always reminds me of past seasons. Once you know a designer, the label is unimportant for recognition purposes. The cuts, fabric choices and embellishments are the only signature required. I expect certain fabulous touches from my favorite designers and it comforts me when they deliver. New innovations give collections their excitement, but familiar motifs are necessary to keep my attention.

I went to see Derek Lam’s Spring 2010 collection this week with a basic knowledge of of him. I have seen his clothing on paparazzi-chased celebrities, and have listened to my fashion friends rave about his creations. Seeing it up close I am beginning to understand his allure and why people consider him one of the great designers of our time.

Runway fashion rarely works in real life. High fashion tends to clash with day-to-day activities. My admiration for Derek Lam is in part due to his incredible fabric choices. He uses beautiful daring prints, bright solids and fluid styles that make his clothes work for everyday life. It’s only shocking because I see myself in almost everything.

Black and white dresses are intermixed with floral and geometric prints. A color-blocked lime green and pale peach dress highlighted the collection.

Murmurs of “I think I can wear that” echoed through the crowd.

There were bodysuits that thankfully will never see the light of day on me, intermixed with dresses I need to own. Sheer floral tops find their gravity with high-waisted pants. A red dress with black piping reminded me of the ladybug in all of us. I decided against a patriotic stars motif for my store, but can’t help but regret that choice.

Derek Lam caught me off guard. I expected high fashion; I just didn’t expect to think that I could actually wear it. In the Derek Lam showroom, I was welcomed by a group of women who live like all of us; they work, or have families, or both. I was relaxed and welcomed with open arms.

Everyone, as expected, is wearing Derek Lam, but somehow I think I could be one of them. Maybe it is because the silhouettes are approachable, the colors alluring and the fabrics simply don’t scare me. Regardless, it is an epiphany moment. Derek Lam is high fashion for us all.

Sometimes I’m afraid of being too bold with my fashion choices in Vail. Will I stand out and put people off ? Derek Lam is the first designer who realizes that we all can stand out without feeling out of place.

In the future, I will remember my first Derek Lam show with fondness. It was the beginning of a fashion memory.

And while I won’t ever need a label to tell me it’s Derek Lam, I’ll never know what to expect, either.

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