Vail fashionista checks out Alberta Ferretti’s collection |

Vail fashionista checks out Alberta Ferretti’s collection

Jenn Bruno
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

VAIL, Colorado ” Editor’s note: Jenn and Luca Bruno are in Manhattan for fashion week. In this column, Jenn Bruno reports on her findings from the event, which started last Friday and continues through today. The Brunos own Vail boutiques Luca Bruno and Due.

Our day begins at one of the great fashion houses: Aeffe. Located in a magnificent brownstone mansion in midtown, Aeffe is the home of Alberta Ferretti, Moschino, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Pollini. It is filled with the collections of seasons past and future. For us, spending the day at Aeffe is almost like a spa day. Private chefs, a pampering, knowledgeable staff and beautiful models, male and female, walk around in the top fashions of the day.

We look forward not only to the latest designs but the cappuccinos. They are incredible. Our first stop and my first cafe are at the Moschino Cheap and Chic showroom. We have two fabulous models, and for the first 45 minutes, we view the top looks for fall. A private fashion show for two. Moschino is never boring; they name their prints. This year the “space print,” big, gold pearls, appliques flowers and bold, rich colors accompany the signature Moschino bows and hearts. A great start to the day.

Going our separate ways, Luca heads to the fourth floor for Moschino Uomo (that’s man in Italian). While I don’t know first hand about the collection, I know it had to be exciting. They had a “kama sutra” print. I head over to Moschino Love, the diffusion brand for Moschino Cheap and Chic, which incidentally is a diffusion brand for Moschino. A younger, slightly less expensive brand, Moschino Love’s current inspiration appears to be the military with a little ’80s thrown in. Yes, the ’80s again. Cute dresses and lots of unique touches made it a fun little treat. I pick a few stand out pieces, enjoy an incredible iced cappuccino and head off to my next destination, the fifth floor.

Today is the day of the Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti show. She is in the building. There is a frenzied energy as the final touches are completed on her flash collection, i.e. the runway pieces. Apparently, there was even a sewing machine malfunction that added to the craziness. She is in the showroom across from my destination. I resist the urge to peek over and spy. We will see her tonight at the show.

Most designers have two collections: a runway, which is more fashion forward, and the main collection, which is more everyday wearable. Buying for a store is more fun when you select pieces from each collection and mix things up. We see main this afternoon and runway tonight.

The Philosophy main collection is always a unique study of quiet causal elegance. Muted tones, feminine fabrics and incredible fits are designed for the stylish woman who doesn’t need a trend to be trendy. As we watch our personal fashion show, we enjoy an incredible lunch of mahi mahi, mint-tossed green beans and a cold fennel salad that I will figure out how to make. Simply incredible. And the clothing was fabulous too.

On my way up to Pollini I share the elevator with a nice Italian woman who looks familiar. When she gets off she is greeted with a “ciao Alberta.” Don’t I feel silly.

The Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti runway presentation takes place that evening in Chelsea. My elevator friend, Alberta Ferretti walks by and this time I point her out to Luca. He knows exactly who she is. Presentations are more fun and less structured than the traditional shows. There is plentiful champagne, lots of photographers and a great mix of people from all walks of life. The models will present the collection three times during the course of the party.

The lights dim and the runway presentation begins. There is an incredible mix of fabrics. Furs over metallic dresses add great depth and an amusing contrast. Sheer, almost paper thin leggings are teamed with many of the dresses. As the models walk by, you can almost feel how comfortable they would be. Pops of blue and yellow mingle with the more traditional fall colors. Nothing super short for the hemlines. Instead there is a great mix of long gowns and more practical just above the knee lengths. We find a few pieces that we love and put them on our list for next fall. It was a great way to end the day.

Jenn Bruno owns Luca Bruno and Due in Vail.

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