Vail Feng Shui: Changing space changes the world |

Vail Feng Shui: Changing space changes the world

Karen Petersen
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado –During an afternoon open house I was having this past weekend, a couple came in and commented on how good the space felt. I told them that what they were experiencing was a house that had been enhanced by feng shui.

The man said “What is feng shui?” The woman said, “Oh, I know what feng shui is. It’s about not placing mirrors in your bedroom and closing the lids of the toilet.”

“Yes, I said that is a very small part about what feng shui is, however it is so much more!”

Classical feng shui originated many centuries ago in China as a Taoist philosophy. Feng shui is not related to any religion or belief system. Feng shui determines the probabilities on how your home, time and the environment are affecting you and your life. Creating balance in your living environment results in changes that improve your well being, relationships and fortune. This is the wisdom of feng shui.

When I first heard about feng shui over a decade ago, I was very intrigued and started researching. I was building homes at that time and started incorporating these principles and ideas into my home designs. I found it easy to implement, however I knew I was missing something in my understanding of this complex subject. I continued reading about feng shui and researched different schools of thought. Finally, after a decade of self taught education, I enrolled in a classical school of feng shui.

Most feng shui practitioners in the United States practice a form of feng shui that has been westernized and is called black hat Buddhist tantric. This style is based on an eight square pattern that is overlaid on every room based on the door location.

Eastern feng shui, otherwise known as classical feng shui, is scientific in its approach. This is a mathematical system that incorporates the time of a person’s birth and the direction that their dwelling is facing.

The Lopan compass is a tool used in classical feng shui to determine the energy characteristics of a building. Based on this reading, classical feng shui analyzes the potential effects of the location’s energy. Also, the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water – are used to balance the energies.

With an understanding of feng shui comes the recognition of how the environment can effect a person’s health, wealth and happiness. The basic precept of feng shui is “when we change our space we change our world.”

Feng shui is about change, and things will change regardless of whether we want them to or not. The purpose of feng shui is to assist in the process of life’s changes.

Karen Petersen is a certified feng shui practitioner trained in the classical form. She is the owner of Black Diamond Realty and offers her services in both Vail and Denver. She can be reached at 970-476-4414 or by e-mail at

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