Vail feng shui: Find energy flowing through your home |

Vail feng shui: Find energy flowing through your home

Karen Petersen
Living Energy
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado – Flowers, candles, wind chimes and mobiles all have something in common as it relates to feng shui.

There is movement created and evidence of energy moving when we have them in our Vail Valley homes. Even though most people do not normally feel energy in their homes, it is there and it is moving – or least it should be – or it becomes stagnant.

I buy flowers for my home on a weekly basis. Every time I go to the grocery store, I pick up a bouquet of flowers that will usually last a week to 10 days. I can watch how the flowers change form during that time.

Roses, for instance, start as tight buds. Each day, they open up until they reach the peak of their life cycle when they are in full blossom. Then they lose their petals. So it is with yin and yang. Just as yin reaches its zenith, it changes into yang.

Candles are similar, although they need to be lit to watch their transformation. You can see the movement of energy as the flame flickers, especially in the dark when you can see the shadows dancing on the walls. This is energy in motion that you can visibly see.

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Mobiles also reflect an energy that you can witness. I have a wire mobile of dancers that I hung on the ceiling fan in my bedroom. If I want to watch the characters dance, I only need to turn the fan on. Otherwise there is a very subtle air flow that causes the mobile to move slightly, which is evidence that there is energy moving through the room.

Wind chimes are another way we can physically witness energy moving. I have metal wind chimes hanging outside the window of my bedroom and the slightest breeze or wind will make them chime and remind me that there is energy moving outside my window all the time. Birds singing in the spring time have the same effect on me.

This is good feng shui. Feng shui is about being aware of the energy in our homes and how it moves. If there is an obstruction of energy, it needs to be cleared to allow the energy to flow so stagnation and disease do not occur. Just as stagnant water grows bacteria, stagnant energy stifles our growth and affects our well being.

Animals and plants have the same effect. Plants give off oxygen that is healthy for humans. Animal movements through the house will also move energy. Children also are big energy movers, especially toddlers, as they are constantly in motion.

So don’t wait for Valentine’s Day this year to buy flowers for your beloved, buy them every week for yourself, and start to recognize the way energy moves and appreciate having beauty in your home everyday, even as it moves through its cycle from yin to yang.

Before Valentine’s Day also is a great time to add some red or pink colors into your romance corner, which will be the right hand corner of your bedroom as you enter the door of that room. Even if you don’t currently have a beloved, it is a good way to call the romantic energy of the beloved into your life.

Karen Petersen is the owner of Black Diamond Realty and is a certified feng shui consultant trained in the classical eastern tradition. Her Web site is . She can be reached at 970-476-4414.

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