Vail Feng Shui: Tiger may bring financial recovery |

Vail Feng Shui: Tiger may bring financial recovery

Karen Petersen
Living Energy
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado – Sunday was the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

This New Year we are entering into is the year of the Tiger. The tiger is one of the 12 animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac calendar. The Chinese calendar year runs on a 60-year cycle. This means that we have not experienced the same energy influences since 1950.

The Chinese zodiac calendar is a fascinatingly accurate system, called the Four Pillars of Destiny, which the Chinese have used for thousands of years in predicting the probability of the future. The unique feature about this system is that all information about time – the year, month, day and hour of birth – are presented in terms of the five basic elements: metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

Based on the Four Pillars of Destiny astrological system, this is the Metal Yang Tiger year. What this means is the element that governs 2010 is metal (weapons and analytical), and the energy is yang (forceful and aggressive), and predicts a year of conflict.

The energy of the tiger is symbolized by two elements, with metal sitting on top of wood in the I Ching hexagrams (another ancient Chinese divination tool). The tiger is actually a complicated wood element and it contains wood, fire and earth. The tiger belongs to the wood element, which represents early spring when trees and plants are in bloom.

In 2010, the tiger carries the seed of the fire element, so there is a strong chance of economic recovery during this year with stronger optimism in the spring. Fire element is the driving force behind the money markets, so financial stability should return. The metal element of 2010 is expected to bring prosperity to fire and earth industries. Fire industries include finance, entertainment and energy fields; earth industries include property, hotel, mining and insurance fields.

Feng shui energies change from year to year, so it is necessary for a feng shui consultant to re-access the flow of energies in your home as they shift each year, as the zodiac animals change every year, typically in the beginning of February. The date of the Chinese New Year is unlike the annual calendar date of the new year that westerners celebrate every Jan. 1. The number of days in the Chinese yearly calendar is affected by the lunar cycles and not the number of days, so their New Year changes from year to year.

How this affects other signs: For people who are born under the rabbit sign, the tiger will bring a year of romance. People born in years of the monkey, rat and dragon will be in the year of the “traveling horse” which will trigger more travel and movement, both in careers and domiciles.

The Chinese zodiac animal that is most in conflict with the tiger is the monkey. The zodiac animals that are most in harmony this year with the tiger are the pig, the horse and the dog. However such animal astrology is not totally reliable, as the date, time and location of birth play important factors as well in the four pillars system.

To calculate your lunar natal date and personal animal sign, go to: For paid interpretations of your personal four pillars chart, one good source is or you can Google: “four pillars of destiny” for additional information on this very complicated and fascinating subject.

Karen Petersen is a certified feng shui practitioner in the classical eastern tradition and is the owner of Black Diamond Realty. Her Web site is She can be reached at 970-476-4414 or by e-mail at

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