Vail Film Fest: Don’t look for Jude |

Vail Film Fest: Don’t look for Jude

Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO Colorado
Jude Law and filmmaker Jeremy Gilley in 2007. Law is in Gilley's documentary film "The Day After Peace," which will be shown at the Vail Film Festival, starting Thursday in Vail, Colorado

VAIL, Colorado ” No, Jude Law isn’t coming to town for the Vail Film Festival.

“I’m confident Jude Law is not coming,” said Sean Cross, festival organizer and co-founder of the festival.

The Vail Mountaineer erroneously reported Friday that Law will visit town next week for the festival, citing an obscure gossip Web site that did not actually say Law was coming to Vail.

“(Law) is in one of our films for the festival (the documentary “The Day After Peace”) so is Angelina Jolie and lots of other actors, but that doesn’t mean they’re coming to town,” Cross said.

The Web site says Law “will be featured in the upcoming 6th Annual Vail Film Festival,” but does not make any claims about him attending the festival.

The film, which charts filmmaker Jeremy Gilley’s 10-year journey to try and establish a worldwide day of peace on Sept. 21, also includes performances by Angelina Jolie, Jonny Lee Miller, Kofi Annan and the Dalai Lama.

Is there a chance Law may be coming and festival organizers haven’t been notified?

“I think the chances are pretty good that I would know about it,” Cross said. “I suppose there is the small chance that we wouldn’t know about it, but generally we are made aware by their publicists.”

There a few confirmed big name stars coming out for the festival, which begins Thursday and continues through April 5. Writer/director and actor Kevin Smith (“Mall Rats,” “Dogma,” “Chasing Amy,” and “Zack and Miri Make a Porno”) will receive the 2009 Renegade Award. Michelle Monaghan, who stars in the festival’s opening night film, “Trucker,” acted in “Mission

Impossible III” and “Gone Baby Gone.” She will receive an award for excellence in acting.

“Obviously we’re excited about the stars we do have coming, and we have some good people,” Cross said.

For more information about the festival, or to see the entire film line up, visit or call 970-476-1092.

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