Vail Film Festival: Grenier’s green career |

Vail Film Festival: Grenier’s green career

Charlie Owen
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the DailyAdrian Grenier

VAIL, Colorado ” Adrian Grenier is seeing a lot of green lately, and not just in his bank account. The young star of HBO’s run-away hit series “Entourage” and co-star of “Adventures of Power,” Ari Gold’s new comedy about air drumming fights, Grenier is getting a taste of the good life. But that’s not stopping him from doing his part in keeping the planet healthy. Saturday night at the Vail Film Festival award ceremony Grenier took home the Blue Sky Tribute award in honor of his commitment to environmental activism. Before showing up in Vail, he took some time to answer questions about the award and his roles in “Entourage” and “Adventures of Power.”

1. Vail Daily: How do you feel about winning this Blue Sky Tribute for environmental activism? Does it feel weird to win an award for your role in environmentalism instead of

your role in movies and television?

Adrian Grenier: An award for activism is more meaningful to me than one for acting. It’s great to help bring awareness to the cause. I’m not that comfortable with the whole awards thing in general, but the environment is an issue that’s very important, so I’m happy to shine a light on it wherever I can.

2. How happy are you with the final cut of “Adventures of Power?”

AG: I really loved making AOP and getting to work with my friend Ari. I think it’s a very sweet film that has a lot of heart. And the soundtrack is fantastic.

3. VD: Can you give me an idea of the character you play in this film and how he fits into the storyline?

AG: I play Dallas Houston, a spoiled rock star who is Power’s nemesis in an air drumming competition. He has all the material things Power doesn’t, but has dreams his father doesn’t approve of, so he’s something of a poor little rich boy.

4. VD: How has the fame from starring in such a huge hit like ‘Entourage’ affected your career? Do you get a lot more offers now from other studios, directors and producers to work with them on their projects?

AG: ‘Entourage’ has been a life-changing experience. I do get offers, though I’ve been more focused on my directing and producing projects lately. I’m actually looking forward to going back to ‘Entourage’ ” I’m busier on my hiatuses than I am “working” on the show.

5. VD: Any idea what the future of Vincent or the rest of the cast is on ‘Entourage?’

AG: They’re still writing so I haven’t seen a lot of scripts, but I think Vince will do a lot of growing up this season. I’m excited to get back into the character.

6. VD: Which director in Hollywood would you most like to work with on a film? Which other fellow actor or actress?

AG: I’d love to work with Clint Eastwood or Sean Penn. I really admire the way they’ve expanded their careers into directing . It’s something I want to do with my own career.

7. VD: What does the future hold for you, career-wise?

AG: I’m finishing up a documentary and producing a TV show for Planet Green

about eco-friendly living. And more ‘Entourage,’ of course.

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