Vail Fourth of July photo in exhibition |

Vail Fourth of July photo in exhibition

Special to the Daily Raymond Blesz

A silver gelatin black and white photograph by Singletree fine art photographer Raymond A. Bleesz will be included in a January photo exhibition titled “Our Land” at the Working With Artists Gallery in Lakewood.

The photograph, “4th of July, Vail, Colo.” was taken during the 2002 town parade with former President Gerald Ford and his wife, Betty as honorary dignitaries. The photograph depicts a maternal black family of perhaps three generations, gathered together, watching the town parade.The unidentified family, perhaps from the Denver area, is enjoying the town’s 4th of July parade and are looking at the photographer, who was part of the parade himself. Bleesz was dressed in a top hat, black tailcoat and full beard to depict Abraham Lincoln. He has often dressed the part as Abraham Lincoln since the 1970’s. (He is a former American history teacher).

Bleesz typically carries his camera/s at all times. A 6×7 Fuji single reflex camera was used along with Ilford HP5 film. “Often, rather than being the subject being photographed in a parade, it works in reverse, being the observer, the photographer,” Bleesz said.

The show, “Our Land” has an opening reception Friday, Jan. 6th from 5-9 p.m. and runs the entire month. Working With Artists is located at Belmar, Lakewood, Colo. In Block 7 Art Studios, 445 South Saulsbury. 303-837-1341 – Bleesz can be reached at 926-5424 for a private viewing of his portfolio. Other images can be seen at Brush Creek Dry Goods, Riverwalk, Edwards, Colo.

Vail, Colorado

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