Vail gets down to business |

Vail gets down to business

From 6 to 8 tonight, Vail Town Councilman Dick Cleveland will lead a discussion about Vail’s economy.

Such discussions are a good idea. If nothing else, they provide a great way to blow off some steam. And there’s always the chance some worthy ideas will find the right ears. This being Vail, though, where relative molehills are frequently lifted to Everestonian heights, someone ought to reflect on how perhaps all is not really lost for the resort town after all.

For one, Vail itself weathered the war, and run-up to war, as well as any tourist destination in the country. The early ski season boom demonstrated, for those paying attention, that there’s still some pull in the ol’ mountain and base villages. And even April was a gainer in the sales tax department if you toss out skewed figures from a big sale of utility equipment in April 2002.

Village overhauls are in the pipeline now, at last. The ski company has been improving its holdings. The town might move faster, and the merchants might adjust better to the uptick in day visitors. Still, the national economy weighs heaviest; that and landlords holding on to high lease rates, which the market will have to correct.

And it may be simply Vail runs on the wrong tax.


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