Vail: Go smoke-free |

Vail: Go smoke-free

I encourage the Vail Town Council to pass a smoke-free ordinance like their neighbors, Avon and Eagle. I grew up in Vail and continue to visit since my parents still live here. My husband and I enjoy trying all the new restaurants. However, we are very disappointed when we walk in and smell cigarette smoke. We usually leave and go back to one of the restaurants that have designated their entire restaurant and bar as non-smoking.

We appreciate the restaurants that have eliminated smoking in the eating area, but I wish they would realize that the smoke from the bar still permeates the entire place. I am happy to see that Vail continues to flourish and attract top notch chefs, but do the owners (who are often the chefs) not realize that second-hand smoke affects the very product they are selling? The flavor of a good meal is just not as appealing with a side-order of cigarette smoke.

Susanne Edrington


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