Vail golf course clubhouse plan passes one test |

Vail golf course clubhouse plan passes one test

Daily staff report

VAIL – The Vail Planning and Environmental Commission this week voted 4-0 to approve plans to remodel the Vail Golf Course and Nordic Center Clubhouse, with conditions. The approval took place during the commission’s April 22 meeting following a review of amendments to a conditional use permit submitted by the town in its role as applicant.

The project had been modified to address concerns expressed by the commission members about the availability of parking and the overall use of the clubhouse. The changes included a reduction in capacity of the banquet room from 200 to 160 people.

Commission members also approved a parking plan which includes 125 parking spaces that can accommodate 158 cars through a valet parking program. Currently there are 112 parking spaces. The parking plan also prohibits overflow parking on Sunburst Drive.

The application also included an operations and management plan to direct the use of the clubhouse to ensure the use remains compatible with the existing and potential surrounding uses in the neighborhood. Such a plan does not exist today.

Renovation of the Golf Course Clubhouse and Nordic Center was included in a $9.4 million reallocation of funds once intended for a conference center, authorized by voters in 2011. The project has since been challenged in Eagle County District Court by adjacent property owners. The town has been seeking development review approval in anticipation of an eventual resolution.

The Vail Town Council will hold first-reading hearings on ordinances to amend the town code to establish an allowable building height for golf course clubhouses within the Outdoor Recreation District and to rezone the golf course parking lot from General Use District to Outdoor Recreation District at its May 7 meeting. Town Council will also be required to approve a management and operations agreement for the clubhouse.

For more information, call Vail Community Development Department Director George Ruther, 479-2145.

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