Vail Government Tracker: Small changes for Epic Discovery, new mobile phone ordinance |

Vail Government Tracker: Small changes for Epic Discovery, new mobile phone ordinance

Board: Vail Town Council.

Meeting: Afternoon and evening sessions on Tuesday, April 17.

Present: Kevin Foley, Greg Moffet, Kim Langmaid, Jen Mason, Travis Coggin and Mayor Dave Chapin.

Absent: Jenn Bruno.

Issue: Changes to summer Epic Discovery program.

Who they talked to: Phil Metz, of Vail Resorts.

What they talked about: Metz ran through a number of small-ish changes to Vail Mountain’s summer activity program, coming up on its third season. Here’s a quick look:

• Gondola One will open the weekend of Friday, June 1, to Sunday, June 3. Both gondolas will be open from Friday, June 8, to Monday, Sept. 3. Mountain food and beverage operations will be open for the summer.

• One of the changes to passes will include family passes based on kids’ height.

“That could save families a little money,” Metz said.

• The full-day adventure pass will be slightly more expensive, Metz said. Prices haven’t finalized but may go from $97 to $99 for that pass.

• Passes will include a “scout sampler” for 3- and 4-year-olds that will provide access to a small zip line and kid-sized adventure course.

What’s next? We have to get through May.

Issue: An ordinance defining “misuse of a mobile phone.”

Who they talked to: Town Attorney Matt Mire.

What they talked about: Mire said the proposed ordinance will bring Vail’s regulations more in line with county and state laws, meaning tickets will be run through the town’s municipal court.

What it does: The ordinance bans all mobile phone use while driving for those younger than 18. For those 18 and older, the measure bans texting or using data while driving.

To be pulled over for either offense, an officer must see a driver improperly using a phone or see some evidence of careless driving.

How they voted: 6-0 for approval.

What’s next? Second and final reading should come in May.

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