Vail Hot Yoga offers sugar cleanse beginning April 20 |

Vail Hot Yoga offers sugar cleanse beginning April 20

VAIL — Vail Hot Yoga in Edwards is expanding its offerings to encompass whole body health and wellness with a series of upcoming workshops. The center offers hot yoga classes and the Ono Method, developed by Ame Onofrey, owner of Vail Hot Yoga.

“We have many PTs (physical therapists) who are sending their post-surgery clients to us after physical therapy,” Onofrey said. “The Ono Method provides the third phase of healthy rehabilitation. The method takes people from (physical therapy) to enjoying all of their sports again.”


Have you heard the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen”? It’s true; diet is the key to attaining the elusive beach body. For individuals who want to improve their overall fitness and stop eating harmful simple sugars, Vail Hot Yoga offers the 30 Day Sugar Cleanse from April 20 through May 17.

Past participants in the supported sugar cleanses have experienced great success and seen the health benefits. The cleanse includes food coaching, recipes that require no sugar and support for when sugar comes calling. Premium options include fitness and cooking classes to help you change your diet and your life. The first meeting is scheduled for April 8.

Visit or call 970-331-2484 for more information and to register for workshops or classes.

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