Vail increases kids’ ski-school prices |

Vail increases kids’ ski-school prices

Dominique Taylor/Daily file photoChildren's ski school prices for locals will rise from $51 last year to $139 next year, Vail Resorts says. Some parents are upset with that increase.

VAIL, Colorado ” Facing prices that are doubling, Kimberly Brewster said she’s not sure if she can send her young kids to ski-school lessons this year.

Brewster, an Edwards resident, paid $51 a lesson for her 5-year-old daughter last year. That price will increase to $139 a lesson this year at Vail and Beaver Creek, said Jen Brown, spokeswoman for Vail Resorts.

“I was actually pretty astonished, because it’s not even a gradual increase,” said Brewster, who also wants to send her 3-year-old to ski school this year.

Last year’s $51 price was a locals’ deal that no longer exists, Brown said. In addressing the price increases, Vail Resorts said children’s ski school prices have “evolved,” and there is a greater emphasis on employee benefits.

Vail Resorts employees will get bigger discounts for their dependents’ ski school lessons this year, Brown said. Those lessons will cost $49, a benefit will be available to “very part-time seasonal employees,” she said.

“There is an effort to get more people to come and work part-time, still offering great value to locals who don’t work for Vail Resorts,” Brown said.

There are several discount options for people who aren’t Vail Resorts employees, Brown said, including:

– A “six pack” that gives a child six lessons for $579, which works out to $96.50 per lesson.

– “Form Your Own Team,” another kids’ ski school program for locals, costing $579.

– The Learn to Ski program, available through Eagle County Schools for $37 a day, which includes lessons, lift tickets and rentals.

– The Devo and Bevo programs, which will continue as they have in the past, Brown added.

Brewster said she might have to a get part-time job with Vail Resorts to be able to afford kids’ lessons.

“If we want our kids to learn how to ski, that’s what I’m going to have to do,” she said.

And, living in the Vail Valley, Brewster definitely wants her children to be able to ski, she said.

“We want to be able to ski as a family,” she said.

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