Vail is blessed with great medical center |

Vail is blessed with great medical center

Salvatore J. Bommarito
Vail, CO, Colorado

Yesterday, I received extraordinarily capable and professional service at the Vail Valley Medical Center. The only problem was that I couldn’t buy a huge box of candy for the staff because the gift shop didn’t open before I left.

Vail is blessed with a very well-run and cordial health service facility. Trust me, I know good medical service as I live in New York City and serve on two boards affiliated with large hospitals on the East Coast.

I wish my family never needed any medical attention, but things happen. And when we are away from home in Vail, I’m confident we will be cared for in a special way if an issue arises.

Thanks to the crew in the emergency room. I owe you something sweet.

Salvatore J. Bommarito New York City

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