Vail is hoppin’ |

Vail is hoppin’

Tom Boyd

We’ve had lot’s o’ great comments on our new website, and I have to give props to all the people who contributed. It’s quite a thing to be in the blogosphere along with the other 6 million bloggers out there.

Vail is jam-packed, by the way. I feared that the construction might scare some people away, but apparently it did not. A quick trip through the Village yesterday evening confirmed that our town mothers and fathers have planned well. Town looks pretty good, considering, and all the bars and restaurants were hoppin’.

The streets were filled with sub-17 babes and lax-weilding teens, all here for the junior lacrosse tournament. I imagine this weekend will get even more bubbly as the older crowd arrives and filled Bridge Street shoulder to shoulder.

I noticed Pepi’s still had that nostalgia-inducing guitarman strumming on their deck – have to admit, even after all these years (or is it decades), that guy still has the ability to give the evening a certain sort of romantic feel. Phil Long, up the street, kept his crowd rockin’, and Wes Yoakam at the Club is giving them all a run for their money.

The Tap Room, probably the most normal bar in town, was filled up for dinner, and it made me glad – they’re good people there, and you’d hate to see ’em suffer during the summer as Vail re-builds itself.

By the time all this is done, by the way, Vail’s going to be the most beautiful place on earth. It already is, in my opinion, but the plans people have to improve the town are spectacular.

Sure, part of me will always be wistful, dreaming of the good ol’ days, when I’d meet up with the neighborhood girls at Hagen Daaz to try and score a free ice cream cone. But the past is the past, and the future looks bright. I’m just glad we’re not stuck with 5 years of construction blight in the meantime.

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