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Vail Library celebrates top readers

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Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Vail DailyKeaton Brausch, left, won second place in the Vail Public Library's summer reading program. Rilee Boyd, center, was the top reader for the summer, and Jamling Sherpa, right, was the third place reader.

VAIL, Colorado -The town of Vail Public Library’s summer reading program finale took place Tuesday and awards and prizes were distributed. Games and stories were also featured, along with pizza donated by Blue Moose Pizza. The finale capped the end of an eight-week program, which was for children ages 6 to 11. Weekly Tuesday events brought children into the library for a variety of activities and entertainment. Children could submit reading logs that documented the number of hours they spent reading the previous week. The top reader for the summer was Rilee Boyd. Second and third place readers were Keaton Brausch and Jamling Sherpa, respectively.

“We are proud of all the children who logged any number of hours of reading this summer,” says Annie Sinton of the Vail Public Library. “Children who attended Vail library’s summer reading program are both visitors of Vail and local children, but are almost always very busy in their young lives and have a lot to do. They and their families recognize the importance of including reading among their activities. Our top reader, Rilee Boyd, is one of those. She has a lot going on but she loves to read and managed to document some of the time that she spent doing so.

“Our runners-up, Keaton Brausch and Jamling Sherpa, were equally impressive,” Sinton says. “It is interesting to note that although our program is open to older children, it was two 9-year-olds and a 6-year-old who came out ahead in their number of documented hours of reading.”

The theme this summer was Be Creative @ Your Library. This invited a wide scope of events, each featuring some form of creativity.

“Children seem to be naturally creative in one form or another,” says Cricket Pylman of the Vail library. “Throughout the summer, our children’s team was privileged to witness an array of creativity from the summer readers. We had children demonstrate creativity in writing, painting, sculpting, acting and more. We especially enjoyed the ongoing sculpture that the kids made out of material that was collected throughout the year. Some might call it trash, but after it was arranged and glued and painted, it was art.”

The summer reading program is over for the summer in Vail. There will be more programs for children throughout the school year. For more information, call 970-479-2179.

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